How to Make Loop Videos on an iPhone?

Loop videos are quite trending, especially on Instagram. You can easily make a video that goes back and forth. If you have an iPhone, then follow these steps and create loop videos.

Making a Looping Video with Boomerang

Here is the process of making a looping video with Boomerang. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    First, you will have to go to the App Store.

•    After that, Click on Search section.

•    Then you can enter Boomerang and click on search.

•    Thereafter click on Boomerang app and click on GET.

•    When the prompt comes, input your iPhone’s Touch ID.

•    After that, launch the boomerang app.

•    You can slide left via welcome pages and click on Get Started.

•    Click OK to permit Boomerang to access your camera.

•    Select whether to permit Boomerang to use your location.

•    Now, click OK to permit Boomerang to store your looped videos.

•    Align the subject of your video in the camera.

•    Boomerang will launch with the front camera, if you want to use a rear camera then click on the curved arrow icon.

•    After that, press the shutter button to toggle the flash on or off.

•    Then long press on the shutter button to make a video.

•    Click on SAVE.

Use Looper

Here is the process of using Looper for making a video. Follow the instructions carefully.

•    First, you will have to go to the App Store on your iPhone.

•    After that, click on Search.

•    Then enter Looper in the search field.

•    Thereafter select the app and click on GET.

•    Now, input your Apple Touch ID when the prompt comes.

•    You can launch the Looper app.

•    Click on the + icon.

•    Check your camera roll.

•    When the prompt comes, click on All Photos.

•    Choose the video that you want to loop.

•    Click on Choose.

•    Click on the red repeat button.

•    You can swipe the slider at the bottom to the right position.

•    After that, click on the check mark.

•    Then click the video and click on the “Download” icon.

•    Click Yes when the prompt comes.

•    Thereafter choose an orientation.

•    Select Yes when the prompt comes.

•     Click on OK, when you can view the success message.

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