Android Users Will Now be Free from the Netflix Viewing Mistakes

In the world, streaming service platforms are helping a lot to keep the users entertained in which Netflix is getting on top. For those users, who were using Netflix on their android devices, Netflix finally has done it that users can finally watch a show continuously. Until this time, the Netflix app wasn’t really managing the continue watching directly on the android devices, which was really irritating most of the time. Now in the new update, continue watching in a row is back, which is really a great thing if a user is watching some interesting show.

Not much about the reason for the issue, but now the Netflix app of Android has added a feature where you can remove the show from continue watching. Following, it is quite simple; all you need to do is click on the three dots of the menu icon beside the show and then choose the “Remove from Row” section. To know your version has this issue or not, you can check the version by checking on the functions. If there are not necessary options are available, then your app might not be updated, and you are using a quite older version. There is nothing to be confused about the version of the Netflix app if you are able to see the necessary function to remove from the continue watching row, which means you are using an updated version and if it not available, so update its app to get the latest features and function.

The popularity of Netflix is bigger and better than any other streaming platform service, and that is why whoever using it wishes to have an exact and perfect experience. Everyone is staying at home, and the most happening thing at home is rolling, watching shows and movies. Netflix is also releasing new shows and movies continuously to keep the users entertained. So these type of options is also necessary to keep the app safe from small irritation functions.

Apart from android devices, there are many more devices, where people can watch Netflix. Great is that in other devices, the hiding titles of viewing activity feature is already available. You can delete the shows from the continue watching by row title. Whether you log in your account into the desktop or any other device, just go to profile and open viewing activity column and press the icon near to individual shows.

You can remove the continue watching in a row if you want, but if you don’t have any major cause from the same, then you can be left as it is. Removing and hiding the content from the list is nowhere tough. Whether you want to keep the tracks of shows or not, you can simply choose them and hide them by selecting “Hide All.”

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